Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Hague /Economic cooperation /


The Embassy follows the economic and trade flows between the Republic of Slovenia and the Netherlands, provides assistance to Slovene enterprises searching for Dutch business partners, provides Dutch enterprises with useful information on Slovenian economic trends and assistists them when searching for Slovene business partners.

Phone.: (+31) 70 310 8 690
or (+31) 70 310 8 696
Fax: (+31) 70 362 6 608
E-mail: sloembassy.hague(at)gov.si

If you are looking for a business partner in Slovenia, www.sloveniapartner.com is the right address. In addition to providing a variety of useful information on the country and its economy, the site also encompasses databases aimed at facilitating your penetration of the Slovenian market. The following may be of special interest:
- SLOEXPORT: www.gzs.si/sloexport (presentations of enterprises)
- BORZA: www.borza.org (offers and requests)
- INVESTSLOVENIA: www.investslovenia.org (all you need to know about Slovenia as a location for an investment project) They can assist you in making contacts and establishing your business in Slovenia

Useful links:

• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (http://www.gzs.si/eng/)
• Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investment (http://www.pcmg.si/index.php?root=4)
• Bank of Slovenia (http://www.bsi.si/en/)
• Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (http://www.gov.si/umar/aindex.php)
• Slovenian Tourist Board (http://www.slovenia.info/intro/index.asp)